What We’re About

What We’re About

We want you to live freely. To help, we offer a simple and seamless way to get food that removes food’s massive burden on your time, stress, and energy.

We started by meal prepping for ourselves to reduce our food burden so we could have more time to spend doing what we wanted to. Our friends noticed how much happier we were and naturally, they wanted the same. We started meal prepping for our friends and soon after, we opened up a small kitchen to help more people find the time and energy to live life outside the kitchen.

We were so excited about the positive feedback and the stories about new hobbies, connections, and happiness our customers found—but we realized we couldn’t help enough people by ourselves with our little kitchen, so we found other food businesses who shared our passion for making amazing food and turned it into a network. Our quest is to delight you with amazing food to help you enjoy more of your life!

We are built on four pillars

(1) Quality – We partner with the best local food businesses to bring you delightful freshly made meals.

(2) Convenience – To make getting food as easy as possible, we offer lots of businesses all in one place, delivery, and no order deadlines.

(3) Community – We support (y)our communities, so that we can all share in the wonders of this world.

(4) Sustainability – Sustainability is important but should not burden you. We do everything we can, so you don’t need to.

We use these pillars to address the large food burdens we all face:

(1) Time spent planning, shopping, prepping, doing dishes.

(2) Stress from deciding, planning, and making food to the worst part – cleaning up.

(3) Energy lost from stressing and having less time to recharge.

Buying food and cooking is a daily stress for Americans, totaling 300+ hours a year on average. That’s about 2 months of full-time work!

We are extremely passionate about food and service, so let us help you make time for the things that you’re passionate about. What experiences and newfound or rekindled hobbies, connections, and passions would you pursue? We’re excited to hear about them!

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