Definitive Guide to Seattle Prepared Meal Companies 2021

Definitive Guide to Seattle Prepared Meal Companies 2021

We know that having food ready every day for yourself (and especially for others) is difficult and that many of us end up taking shortcuts and undermining our good eating habits or desires. Fortunately, there is a growing group of local businesses that want to help you in your efforts (us included!). We have compiled all the local Seattle prepared meal companies that you can order from and their vitals. In the overview, we include ratings, price ranges, order by and delivery days, and their niches to help you find the best fit. Some of the businesses listed are also available on our platform and we are adding more as we go!

We believe that keeping prepared food local will be central to providing the best food, nutrition, and convenience to you.

Happy eating!

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We are a platform for local ready-to-(h)eat meals championing local food businesses and their diverse offerings. By creating a community, we are simplifying the process of getting delightful food by connecting lots of vendors with you. Food is communal and we want to keep it that way, from making to eating. Our menu is thus large, diverse, and continually growing.

You can order off our menu any day, time, and from any partner, usually with only a two- or three-days advance notice. Our menu includes both rotating menus and consistent menus, depending on your food preferences. Delivery is free starting at $40 on any given delivery day and always free at our partner apartments. We deliver to the greater Seattle area (check your zip code).

Table showing all of the local Seattle preparaed meals businesses.

One95 Kitchen has a very clear and exciting goal: give Seattleites food from around the world. For those who are adventurous and love learning about new foods and cultures, One95 Kitchen will be a great fit for you. They believe in high quality and fresh food, so they make their food fresh the night before delivery, so your food is never more than 24 hours old.

Orders must be in by Thursday at midnight, but are delivered daily to ensure freshness. Their menu is rotating and very diverse.

FitTrax also has a simple goal: make health-conscious food for those looking to track their macros to help them meet their fitness and nutrition goals. Better yet, FitTrax is partnering with gyms and local fitness instructors to make sure that you can achieve a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that works for you.

FitTrax allows you to order food from a rotating menu up to two days in advance. Food delivery is offered daily.

Pick Me Up caters to the families with meals focused on being kid enjoyable as well as healthy, fresh, and nutritious. Pick Me Up has partnered with a variety of daycares and uses their own reusable containers to improve sustainability of delivery and make things even easier for parents. They are dedicated to convenient and great food for busy parents.

Pick Me Up allows orders up to 24 hours in advance and deliver daily to keep items as fresh as possible.

Plant Life Meals focuses on vegans and vegetarians in the Seattle area and makes being environmentally conscious much easier for everyone. Their meals are healthy and nutritious for those who worry about getting the nutrients they need when living by or trying out the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

Orders must be in by 9PM on Wednesdays for delivery on Sunday or Monday (day depends on your location). In addition to delivery, you can get their meals at a variety of cafes around the Seattle area.

Rain City Catering has been a go-to option for the Mariners, Seahawks and other Seattle sports teams. They are now offering their meals as frozen meals both online and soon in-stores in their new Urban Market.

Frozen meals can be ordered any time and picked up same day or delivered next day. While their frozen meals are on a set menu, they also offer fresh featured meals each week which must be ordered by Friday noon and picked up on Saturday morning.

On Safari has been a Seattle staple for sustainable food, choosing to source their ingredients from local, organic suppliers. On Safari offers both fresh and frozen options, with and without delivery. They have a large non-rotating menu to choose from and offer their meals with and without carbs to help you save some money.

Meals must be ordered 24 hours in advance and are delivered on a daily basis.

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Eat Local is dedicated to the frozen food lifestyle. They believe that freezing food is the best way to preserve nutrients in the food. Eat Local has multiple storefronts throughout the Seattle area and features Russell Wilson meals.

Their food is on a relatively set menu with new items added occasionally. Eat Local does offer delivery as well.

Maven Meals offers a la carte options, letting you customize your meal by choosing whatever proteins, carbs, desserts, etc. that you would like. Maven is great for those who are willing to put in a little extra time to get the exact meal they want. Their inventory is larger than most other prepared meal companies in the area.

Order deadlines are Sundays at midnight each week. Their menu is a mix of rotating and consistent options. Delivery is once a week M-W and will depend on your location.

Turmeric ‘n More offers authentic Indian and Pakistani food. Their menu is large, changes weekly, but offers many options for vegans and vegetarians.

Orders for the week close on Wednesday at 9PM for delivery on Sunday.

Fresh Meal offers the meal prep experience without the cooking. Meals are usually kept very simple, one veggie, one meat, and one carb with little extra to get in the way. These meals are best for the macro conscious and those looking for simple food.

Orders must be in by Thursday at 10 PM for Sunday delivery.

Fuller Nutri-Fuel offers a variety of nutrient-focused meal plans. They offer Keto, Paleo, and Whole 30+ programs. They care a lot about fresh food and making meals that accommodate a range of dietary preferences.

They offer two deadlines per week, Thursday and Sunday at midnight. Delivery is offered Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday based on your order date.

The Fresh Chef offers a variety of food types, including granolas, salads, and desserts. While they don’t have as many entrees to choose from, they offer more smaller options than other businesses. 

Meals must be ordered by Sunday at 9PM and are delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your zip code.

NW Fit Meals offers many of the same diet programs as Fuller Nutri-Fuel does. They focus heavily on fitness, keto, and paleo meals with lots of fresh ingredients. 

Orders must be in by Sunday at 5PM and meals are delivered on Mondays for the week.


Westerly offers a plant-based and health-conscious meal subscription. Orders must be put in every Thursday by midnight and are delivered on Sunday and Wednesday (depending on your subscription choice).

Their menu changes each week and is the same for all customers. This is a good option for those who don’t want to put in the effort to choose their own food.

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