Definitive Guide to Cooking Classes in Seattle

Definitive Guide to Cooking Classes in Seattle

Maybe you’re constantly asking yourself, “what should I make for dinner?” and need some go-to items that you can make quickly, so that you aren’t always defaulting to takeout food.

Perhaps you want impress on your next date or family night. Wow them with a chef-quality meal in your own kitchen. 

Perhaps it’s to find a new creative outlet or stress relief. Whatever the reason, getting started can be tough – let someone help you get started!

We believe cooking is a great way to get closer to food, culture, and others, so we put together the definitive guide to cooking classes in Seattle. Suffice it to say, you have many options! Classes are organized into a few categories including adult classes, family classes, and those found on platforms such as Airbnb.

For those who are looking for tours instead of classes, check out our Seattle Food Tour guide (coming soon!)

Some of the offerings below have gone virtual temporarily due to COVID. We will try to update listings as more classes switch back to in-person. There are also several classes that are currently unavailable, but will become available again later, and we’ll add these when we can. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like help finding a cooking class for you (and your family and friends).

(We receive no commission or anything for any of our links. This is just so readers can find the best cooking classes).

Table of Contents

On Platforms


Airbnb has been pushing more and more Experiences over the years and many do not require you to travel. Check out local Experiences for some awesome cooking classes. Prices tend to be in the $65-100 range with online classes starting at the lower $20 range. These classes are often very intimate and focused around the entire experience, not just the cooking.

Cozy Meal (or Class Pop)

Cozy Meal and Class Pop share the same group of chefs, so either website will get you the same classes. These classes are either at the local chef’s kitchen or at your own home.

Chef Shinya hosts classes such as Hand Roll Sushi Party, Keto Korean Cuisine, Tokyo Style Ramen and many more. Chef Shinya boasts almost 100 five star reviews and is priced at $90-120 per class.

Chef Fumiko hosts classes such as Vegan Japanese Favorites, Pot Stickers and Steamed Buns, and Korean Cuisine. She is popular with 50 five star ratings and priced at $90-100. 

Chef Ruth comes to your home and offers a large variety of classes hitting on Italian, French, and Thai cuisines. She tends to be priced between $85 and $100 and has 4.5 stars on 14 reviews so far.

Chef AJ can host or come to you and features classes such as Traditional Roman Pizza, Classic Tamales, Homemade Valencian Paella. He is priced $85-100 and has almost 5 stars on 6 reviews. 

Cocu Social is another platform. Classes here are offered by private chefs, although only Chef John currently serves the Seattle area. Classes are priced in the $55-70 range and cover a wide range of cuisines.

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With an emphasis on her Hong Kong roots, Elaine teaches both in-person and online classes geared towards authentic Hong Kong home cooking. She also has a variety of vegan classes available. Online classes are currently around $28.

An offshoot from Tom Douglas’ extensive Seattle food presence, Hot Stove Society offers many classes offered by a variety of chefs. Classes span cuisines, include basics like knife skills, and also cocktail making. Classes are offered almost every day and are priced between $45-85.

These classes happen in the Pike Place Atrium Kitchen and use only ingredients available right in the market. Unfortunately they only offer a limited number of classes throughout the year. Prices range from $90-130.

Chef Bruce Naftaly teaches you the basics of fine French dining. While the restaurant Le Gourmand closed its doors a few years ago, Chef Naftaly is now fully focused on teaching his art to others. His class only includes locally sourced and organically raised ingredients. Classes are priced around $95 and tend to be on weekends late (Fri-Sun 6:30-9:30).

Dianne LeVonne offers very small and intimate cooking classes which take advantage of all the ingredients at Pike Place Market. She tends to offer classes in the evening over the course of the week, but you can also schedule your own. Classes tend to be priced around $40.

Chef Ken offers personalized cooking classes, including sauce making, Southeast Asian cooking, and the 5Cs of a Dessert Menu. He offers either in-home or online classes, all of which are done by request. Chef Ken’s classes tend to be priced around $88.

Olive offers a Dim Sum cooking class, where you get to choose your favorite items from a long options list. Pricing is $95 and can accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets. Olive offers both in-home and in-kitchen experiences.
If you’re looking for something a little different, Mary offers classes on cooking with Cannabis. Some of her classes are themed, such as girl’s night out for extra fun. Classes are offered almost any time and can easily be arranged. Classes are priced $85-125.
The YMCA offers a variety of online classes once a week. Recipes tend to be on the healthy and simple side, but change every week to keep things interseting. There are a lot of classes to choose from and are taught by Katrina Gangsaas, a nutrionist. Classes are priced $15 for non-members and free for members.

Offering vegan only cooking classes for those who want to dabble or make the big switch to an all-vegan diet. Amy (Humane Society chef) teaches all of the classes and customizes them based on requests.

While usually offering in-home cooking classes for 1-30, classes are currently virtual. Chef Joe covers almost all cuisines and has options for almost any dietary restrictions (keto, anti-inflammatory, paleo, vegan, and more). Classes must be set up by request or can be booked on Cozy Meal.
Honest to Goodness is a group of local chefs who can cater their classes to whatever your needs are. Currently classes are by request only and thus prices vary depending on size and type of class. They offer both in-person and virtual classes as well as corporate classes.
Ethan Stowell is a big name in the Seattle culinary community, bringing you How to Cook a Wolf and Tavolata along with many more. Classes are currently offered online and meal kits are picked up from restaurants. Classes are roughly two hours long and curated for you when you request a class.
Offering classes ranging from sushi making to Paella to Cuban Tapas, Whisk will probably have what you want. In addition to cooking, Whisk offers cocktail making classes and baking classes. Their classes are in the $100-115 range and are all at their kitchens.

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The following classes are more geared towards kids or family-style cooking classes. In addition to classes, we also list summer camps.

Musang is well-known in the South Seattle community for giving back a lot to the community and graciously sharing Filipinx culture with its neighbors. Little Wildcats is a kids-focused cooking class for not just learning how to cook Filipinx cuisine, but also learning about the culture. They also offer their cooking classes as kits for those who want to stay at home.

Frog legs has it all, child and adult classes, birthday party events, online classes, and even cooking camps. Frog Legs has fun themed classes including Harry Potter, Retro Soda & Ice Cream Shoppe, and Raya & the Last Dragon. Nothing is off the table at Frog Legs. Kids $55-75, $110-130, adults $90, camps are $400-500.

They currently offer only virtual classes, but usually also have in-person classes. Hipcooks has a very long and diverse cooking class list spanning cuisines, meals, and drinks. They also have a variety of classes for kids and teens. Classes are offered multiple times a week and are priced $20-30.
Blue Ribbon offers cooking classes based on seasonal menus, so the prices vary between $40-130 by season and menu type. Usually classes involve four-course or more dinners, so be ready to bring you’re a game. In addition to adult classes, Blue Ribbon offers child classes and summer camps for parents looking for something for their kids to do. ($800/camp week)
PCC has adult and child cooking classes. PCC offers demo-type classes where you watch someone explain how to cook and cook-along classes where you’ll get your hands dirty. They have a huge variety of classes taught by a large and diverse group of chefs. Classes tend to be in the $30-50 range and camps in the $150 range. Currently all classes and camps are online, but are usually also available in-person.
Offering adult and children cooking classes as well as camps, Mangia Bene tackles many different cuisines in their classes and camps. Many of their camps are based around challenges and improvisation and cover cooking and baking. The more holistic approach is meant to foster confidence in kids to figure things out when they’re stuck. Classes are priced at $150 and camps run $400-700.
Green Plate Special is an organization dedicated to teaching children about sustainable food practices starting from growing ingredients to cooking them. Topics are centered around simple, affordable, and healthy foods. Classes are based on a pay-what-you-can model and range from $40-600 for full camps.
Although not cooking per se, Chef Jasmin Bell (from Food Network and Chopped Desserts) offers pop-up classes for making incredible pastries. Currently classes are by request and online only, but will hopefully be back to in-person soon. Private lessons are available as well.

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